Squale Watch Brand Review – Are They Good Quality Watches?

The Squale emblem refers Swiss made dive watches to their watches as ‘pals of the ocean‘. The Swiss watchmaker remains a renowned brand international over for its diving and underwater skills. The call ‘Squale’ comes from a French synonym for the phrase shark. Currently, centered in Milan, Italy, the brand keeps to manufacture Swiss made high precision, long lasting, precise, and professional diving watches.

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Squale Brand History
Brand inception

Squale’s journey began in 1946 in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. Charles and Hélène von Büren to start with installation the agency to manufacture instances and watch components for different watch manufacturers. Four years later, below the Squale logo, von Büren S.A./Montres produced their personal line of professional diving watches bought in specialised dive shops. Following this, in 1959 von Büren S.A. Registered the Squale trademark and acquired a patent to assemble dive watch cases.

Diving recognition and achievement
Meanwhile, through the Sixties & 1970s Squale manufactured instances for manufacturers Altanus Genève, Potens Prima, Margi, La Spirotechnique, Sinn, and greater. In addition, the brand additionally designed watches water-proof at 500m for TAG Heuer, Doxa, Blancpain, and more.

As a result of their underwater prowess, top divers Enzo Maiorca, Maria Treleani, and Jacques Mayol wore Squale watches. Further, Mayol broke several international information sporting a Squale watch. Around the identical time, Squale unveiled the ‘Master‘, a 1000m diving watch. Above all, Squale also provided to the paratrooper corps of the Italian Air Force and the Italian Navy.

Italian collaborators and new ownership
In 1974, the logo entered the watch industry as an independent identity. During this period, Charles von Büren collaborated with the Maggi circle of relatives to go into the Italian market. The Maggi own family went on to buy the Squale emblem from von Büren after his retirement.

Squale unveiled the enduring ‘Tiger’ in 1988. The watch purpose-constructed for expert diving featured large markers from 9 to two for nighttime diving, protected knobs, and so forth. Most importantly, the Tiger become the handiest Squale watch to characteristic a -way rotating bezel.

However, Squale too suffered during the quartz disaster. Mechanical watches made way for quartz timepieces in 1989. Subsequently, the brand unveiled the Squale Rambo to the public. But, the organisation quickly began to fade from the international scene.

The gift and future
The new Millennium introduced true news for the enduring emblem. Now established in Milan underneath the helm of the Maggi own family, Squale relaunched. The brand keeps to price the founding philosophy – professionalism, integrity, revel in, and passion.

Squale Watch Collections
Currently, the Squale web sites feature six collections to pick from. Subject to availability, these watches are to be had for buy without delay from the internet site.

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